My Favorite Parts

Being that our trip was a short 6 days, we had them packed full with London splendor.

That said, it’s so typical that my favorite parts weren’t truly planned at all.  True to all things in life, it was when we would just pause in the moment that has become the memories I love the most.  The day we were walking from Buckingham Palace to The National Gallery, we discovered this scene:


It was only after we saw a park map at an entrance that we realized, “Oh my goodness.  We’re at St James Park!”  As we were planning the trip, we knew we wanted to check out some of the city’s parks, but had no idea we were right there and didn’t expect this kind of beauty.  Honestly, I didn’t know such beauty could TRULY exist.  It’s made up for storybooks, right?  So amazing.

And while St James Park had a heavenly Elvish LOTR quality to it, Kensington Park had a different feel altogether.  It was more refined woodsy.  Where St James Park is to sit and admire the beauty, Kensington Park is to walk through the trees and explore natural beauty.

Many locals were walking their dogs, biking along the paths or stopping to feed the royal swans. I loved the parks – in all their drizzly wet glory.

Another part that just couldn’t be photographed was hearing the church bells ring. The sound came from all around you, enveloping you in slow, low tones.  I wished my heart and mind would slow to it’s beat.

During our Sunday evening in Richmond we ate outside on the patio of a local restaurant. It sat on a balcony by the water of the River Thames (you can see the white balcony in the picture above).  We eavesdropped on local topics, admired the boats lazily drifting by and closed our eyes listening to the church bells.  The locals seemed to ignore it, but I wish we had such background noise ringing through the city, over the water, down the hills and up to the sky. It could only make our lives better.

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