I did it.

I have been part of the Sadie Valeri’s Online classes on FB (interested? go here) and it has been a really great way to get my feet wet in really trying to learn true techniques – not just playing around with materials like I’ve been doing with watercolor for years.  I started finding myself being frustrated at the speed of my progress and while I’m sure that’s part of the learning curve, I can also tell that I would be learning so much better/faster with hands-on instruction.

Josie-Texidor_EllipseExercise1 Josie-Texidor_OutlineExercises5 Josie-Texidor_OutlineExercises7


When the frustration set-in I just started avoiding my studio altogether. But stopping isn’t really an option because this artistic path is supposed to happen.  It is my density.


So you know what? Instead of being frustrated I realized it’s just time to make a shift.  My goal was always to get my feet in the atelier at some point and, hey, it seems there’s no time like the present.  So, the big news is…. I booked my first REAL IN-STUDIO class yesterday! It’s a One-Day Intro Drawing Class to kind of get a feel for the space and whether or not it’s a place I truly want to study. This is HUGE for me! :)

I could not be more excited and know it’s the right decision. It will come with it’s own challenges, like driving to the city as well as feeling nervous being a noobie surrounded by crazy talent.  But that’s also what I love about it – Driving to city! Surrounded by crazy talent!

I can’t wait and will let you know how it goes. :)

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