Let’s Uncover Mystery and Wonder

You know that feeling of life feeling too closed in? I have that lately. Life is GOOD, but it’s also like I’m in a straightjacket of checklists and to-do’s and appointments. Every thing is getting done, but… you know. That’s it. Yay?

I have this vision of unbinding my arms and REACHING as high as they can go, then slowly swinging them around, flapping, grabbing, hugging, shaking – just allowing my body to do anything and everything I have been unable to do while bound. And that stretch feels so good!

That’s what it’s like when I allow my mind time to stretch and wonder.  Some find a thrill in completing and checking off but, for artists, I believe magic happens when we wonder.

It is allowing a life-giving moment – a moment of stirring. Sitting with an idea before a creation takes shape. It is a spiritual practice shown by the ultimate Creator himself.

I think of God creating and moving and thinking…moving freely with excitement when ideas come to mind. I’m going to go out even further. I’m going to push this galaxy here and that star there. Yes, that was perfect. Then stop to pull himself back and consider how to finish up the details – the color and angles of a speck of sand. I’ll make it so it slides gracefully in the water, but becomes lodged and immovable with a ton of the same substance.

Today I’m allowing myself time to wonder about the bigness…

…and smallness of us all.


I’m wondering Just what kind of place are we really living in? When you really stop to think about it… where ARE we?! What IS this?

I’m wondering about Earth and the centuries upon centuries of life on this planet that we have not experienced, yet are somehow connected to – through our blood, dirt, water, dna.

I’m wondering if there will be a way to somehow put these thoughts onto canvas, but if not, that’s okay.

I’m just stretching and marveling in unabashed wonder and getting lost. I will sit here and stir the mystery.


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