Artful 2015

I ran into Craftsy on Colossal one day and now have a new favorite place on the internet! I love it when that happens!


You can learn just about anything there (woodworking, baking, weaving, photography, etc) but I am partial to the art classes, of course.  I am starting with a Sketchbook Course. A few years ago I used to sketch with a group Every Day Matters and I found it to be really helpful in keeping art in the forefront of my mind.  It also really helped develop some better drawing skills (which I’ve probably lost at this point)… just from daily repetition and training the eye. So I chose this class because of that and because I think it would be a great combination with my Sadie Valeri online class. I’ve mentioned that class before.  It’s been slow-going but that’s okay. It’s just what has been necessary, but I’m plugging away ever so slowly. :)


Dave will be working from home on Thursdays and we’re planning on locking me in the art room on those days so I can focus on her online course. The BIG goal is sometime before I’m 40 (so this year) I want to get into a real class in the downtown San Francisco atelier once a week. I keep talking about it, but I have to remind myself of the goal too, you know. 😉

I’ll be posting the pics to Instagram, if you want to follow along this year: Instagram


Here’s a creative 2015!

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