Why I Support Blood:Water Mission



Blood:Water Mission is an organization partnering with Africa to end the HIV/AIDS and water crises. Dave and I first heard about it years ago at a Jars of Clay concert.  We liked the approach they seemed to be taking, especially working WITH the people in Africa.  They weren’t coming in as Americans to “save” them or leave quick fixes that fall apart, but to understand the problems through the people who live there and work together to find solutions.  That impressed us and made us want to be part of something with that approach.

Shortly thereafter I heard Sara Groves spoke of her journey to Africa, too, and she told a story of how she walked with mothers for miles to get their children water. Only she was surprised when they finally arrived at the water source because it wasn’t fresh, clean water, as you’d expect… it was contaminated and disease-ridden.

Do I give my child water to keep them alive? Or do I give my child water and risk them dying from disease?

How in the world do you make that choice as a mother?

We had one child, at the time, and I really couldn’t wrap my mind around it.  I would do anything for him and that story just got in my head and wouldn’t let me go.

So, for me personally, I guess my support started as mom-to-mom.  I wanted to help these women give LIFE to their kids without worry.

And Blood:Water breaks the numbers down so easily ($1.oo gives 1 African water for 1 year) and makes the process of raising money fun, while at the same time making a serious difference… a difference in helping someone LIVE.

That is not a small thing. That is everything and exactly why I support Blood:Water Mission.


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