Art Class

It’s happening!

When we decided it was time for our family to move up to the SF Bay Area I started looking at Art Schools in the area. That is how I learned about Sadie Jernigan Valeri.  She is an amazing classically trained artist who owns an atelier in downtown San Francisco.  I’ve been ooo-ing and ahh-ing at the pictures she posts on FB and telling myself that once we get settled, I will sign up for a class(es).

I’ve also been trying to sign my kids up for therapies and schools and realizing I’m not going to have much time, even when the schoolyear comes. So an hour drive downtown all of a sudden seemed really, really unattainable.  That’s when a single tear rolled down my cheek.

But wait!  She then announced she will be starting an online study group starting in September.  So I signed up and the sun is shining again!





Online Study Group with Sadie Valeri


I’m so excited to start to dip my feet in!  Maybe when Violet is in school FT I will be able to get up to the real studio but for now I’m so excited for this guidance and opportunity!

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