relearning God



I am in a perpetual state of relearning God.


The God I once knew was frustrated, shocked, embarrassed, ashamed… of me & of others & the state of the world… all-powerful yet dependent on me/us somehow.


Get on your knees and thank the lord for loving your nasty self. You better stay on that narrow path or God will no longer be near.


That God is no longer my god. That reeks of human.


The God I am now beginning to understand is light and love & compassion when least deserved. Not because I BEG for mercy, but because when I say, “Man, I messed up.” he wants to move me closer to truth.  God doesn’t think I’m lovable despite myself; He loves me because… well, I think I’m still learning that part.  Why does God love me? Just because I’m me?


This Creator who has no form  (is light and air and energy) made galaxy upon galaxy in this vast everlasting cosmic universe and wants to excite, inspire and thrill my soul.  Why do we act like that is normal?  Why do we act like we understand something that is so beyond us?


God is light, love, mercy and God is fascinating.




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