2014 Bookshelf

Here are some of the books I’m planning on reading in 2014.

I’ve been ever-so-slowly reading Falling Upward on and off during 2013, which is unusual for me.  Dave always marvels at how fast I get through books, but this one needs you to take your time! I’ll read a bit then put it aside to digest what I just read… so long that I’ll forget I was reading it… then see it and return to repeat the whole thing over again. It is definitely not what I’m used to as far as reading goes and is truly NOT because it’s slow and/or I don’t like it.  I just feel like it’s speaking so much sense and I just love Rohr for it.

Falling Upward, by Richard Rohr

Longbourn, by Jo Baker

Surprised by Hope, by N.T. Wright

The Crowd, The Critic, and the Muse, by Michael Gungor

The Painter’s Handbook, by Mark David Gottsegen

I have all but The Painter’s Handbook waiting on the bookshelf, but hopefully will get it soon.

What are you reading?  Any suggestions?

Here’s to a full bookshelf for 2014! :)


  1. Dimas says:

    Dear Andrea,I found your blog categorized in Stillness’ so thguhot I’d have a look I instantly resonated with what you write about and your pictures. I look forward to experiencing more. Connecting with Nature makes me feel alive, whole, still, peaceful, it feeds and nurtures me in a way nothing else does. I hear in your words that you feel the same great to connect Joy x

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