Encaustic Painting

I have recently heard of encaustic painting.  It is an ancient method using hot wax and pigments, but has been making a resurgence the last 20 years or so, apparently.


mummy portrait

It sounds like it can be a common medium with Mixed Media Artists, because it is easy to use as a glue, creates layers and helps with transferring. You can create an uber-smooth finish or build up the wax and make it more sculptural.  I just really like the idea of it, especially because it is so ancient.  I’m just drawn to that kind of thing.

A lot of the videos out there show it with a vibe that isn’t really me, but there are some really cool pieces out there:

I wonder if I can put my own little twist on it.  Anyway…. I’m intrigued and want to at least try it out. We’ll see.



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