Thoughts to Remember after Art Conference

I went to to Blackhawk Pulse | Connecting Arts to the Heart of God and it was so right up my alley, it’s ridiculous.  Especially because of recent thoughts I’ve had like these on faith and these on art and wanting/needing to wrestle them out.  And then @jarsofclay was there, too. (Um, HELLO!?)  Basically I wanted to lay that crap those issues to rest and could sense where I wanted to be, but kind of didn’t know where to even start.  God was like – “Oh, I have just the thing…”  So I’m thankful that my sister-in-law suggested it and for the guidance of those who presented there!

The biggest thing that really hit home for me is that to be an artist is to be a communicator. What do I want to communicate from the viewpoint of my own human experience?  Art is vulnerable. Art is honest. It is disruptive. It is questioning and a response from observing. Connecting Art+God is expressing life in your own Christian experience.

Personally, I know that part of that vulnerability is what has been keeping me frozen. What if people don’t connect? What if it turns out totally lame? What if I just appear weird?

Well, let’s break that down and shut that up while I’m at it here….

1. What if people don’t connect: Well, F-’em. I’m kidding. Some people will like it; some people won’t. There will always be a critic because not everyone will connect with you – and that’s ok. This is a great opportunity to develop a thicker skin.

2. What if it turns out totally lame: Say I have something in my head and it’s just not coming out on paper right because my skills aren’t up to par, I needed to think it through a bit more, or it’s just turned out to be a bad idea.  No worries.  Move on, Josie, it’s all part of the process. You can always revisit the concept later, if you still like it. See?  No big deal.

3. What if I just appear weird: I have this idea involving a field of giant eggs. It’s weird but it has this symbolic meaning to me & I always go back to it.  I don’t know why… but it’s something I really want to do.  Personally I like weird and abstract, so I don’t know why I have this feeling. Maybe because of #2. (And honestly, people probably already think that of me anyway… so I really shouldn’t worry about that. :P)

Where there is perfection there is no story to tell.” – Ben Okri

It was so nice to be with a artistic people – a place you don’t have to explain your natural approach to life.  That was actually really huge for me. Everyone is on the same page and you move on from that point to bounce off each other and go a bit deeper. I would do another conference in a heartbeat and would recommend it to anyone who stumbles upon this.

I also found a couple poets I want to re-discover…

Mary Oliver

TS Eliot


Loving this journey….






  1. Yasmine says:

    I love this – “to be an artist is to be a communicator.”

    Art is another form of expression and communication, now what do I want to tell the world? Hmm.

  2. jina says:

    I am loving this journey for you too. And I am always thankful when you take a step out and share. Plus, I am seriously intrigued by your field of eggs.

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