I love Lucy


Sketch from a couple years back

Our Lucy Goosey went to the vet yesterday because she has a golf ball sized lump on her tummy and her legs have been shaking quite a bit.  We were so scared that it was a tumah and we would have to brace ourselves that putting her down might be in the very near future.  We’ve been talking to Collin about the possibility for awhile because she is 12 years old now – pretty old for a bassett hound – and we don’t want him totally shocked. Especially when they’ve been buds their entire lives.

boy and his dog

A boy and his dog

Lucky us, it was just a big Fatty Tumor (gross), not cancer, and nothing to worry about.  And the shaking is just old dog stuff. She’s not in pain or anything – it’s all good.  We were all smiles yesterday because 12 years just doesn’t seem long enough.  We need more of our old girl!

Lucy was so happy she took an extra, extra long nap on the couch. Good girl, Lucy. Good girl.

more lucy

I love Lucy


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