Working on… (Revolver)

Idea:  I’m a Revolver

Possible painting.  Drawing here:

Background: One morning I woke up feeling myself under a blanket of insecurity. I knew I had moved on from this point, from this issue, from this moment… and yet here I was again. So much for moving on; in reality, I was revolving.

I knew what would get me out of this funk. And if I knew, why was I even dealing with this at all? Can’t I have new crap to have to sort through?  Somehow it was all too familiar.

There are a lot of things that revolve: a ferris wheel, revolving door, pin-wheel.

But life is too gritty to be one of those; life is a revolver.  It can be cold (unused) or explosive (pulling the trigger).  The bullets fly – violent but direct. Revolvers can be used to protect, to victimize, or for fun – like our aimed and heavy words.

Life is bursting from our fingertips – the good, the bad or the ugly.

And back again.

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